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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What I realized today was...

So this morning, Heather and I ran some errands and even visited a friend who swore he had a pet squirrel. No luck on being one of the first people to pet it. I was thinking the whole time that this squirrel was an imaginary friend of his, but I saw pictures of-sure enough-a baby squirrel sitting on his shoulder! His name was "Squirrely".  Well, the squirrel's name was that, the guys name is Dan.

Yeah, then after all of our errands-which also included Heather and I picking radishes, strawberries, and lettuce at another friends house-we headed home to get dressed and ready for my nephew's 3rd birthday. Pretty neat for everyone there, because we were all there the day (or after) he was born. Then I have Brooke who will be 3 in November. What a trip! Fun day. Brooke threw a typical fit of hers and we left. I have a head ache, still.

We got home and I immediately went to my parents house to help my mom. I love her.

And so here I am, ironically watching a show that's on in the back ground that's about Jazz in New Orleans. Sigh..
Loving my blog and loving that you read it. So did you still want to know "What I realized today"? What I realized today was...that I am out of shape.


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