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Friday, June 24, 2011

6/24/11: Blue Cotton Candy

I have come to realize that when I take Brooke on our garage sale 'excursions' that she is only dealing with it and that she's not having as much fun as I thought she was letting on. She has fallen down a fair share of driveways as well. So today we STILL  went to some of the sales around town. I bought paper for Heather to doodle or write on. I also got some letter tiles for Heather to spell words with (I help her with this). So I figured that since Brooke did so well accompanying me to these sales that I would take her to the local gas station-which was having a Grand Opening. I know that really doesn't sound good initially, but I needed to stay close to home so I could get Heather from summer school. There was a bouncy house, which she loves, and plenty of popcorn, Shlushies, cotton candy and cheese curds. After happily watching her jump and fall over and over, I invited her over for blue cotton candy. She studied it and I guess I can figure why, because it doesn't look like something you would eat-if you don't already know what it is. She licked it and hated it. However, on our way home, she DID want a picture of herself with it. Who knows? Maybe she didn't like blue and wanted red or some other color instead.. 

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