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Friday, July 29, 2011

Stay Tuned...

So yeah, I was reminded the other day that it's been a while since I have blogged. It's "blogged" right?
Doesn't really matter.

A lot has happened since whenever it was that I blogged last. Let's just start from today.
Amy, her kids and I went to the beck by the band shell today. I was sweating just sitting there, but the girls loved the beach! We left after 2 hours.

Here's a picture of a dog I saw driving a car on my way to work the other day:

Oh and here's a picture of the girls "sitting" next to me on the couch the other day:

Okay and so since the last time I blogged, I went to a garage sale and bought a very ugly print for $3. I only bought it because I loved the frame so much. This picture is what I did with the frame (I put pictures in it):

I threw away the print, I did not take a picture of that for you.
I got the idea from a VERY cool website I heard about from my friend, Sue. The website is:

Check it out for a lot of DIY stuff.

I am SO excited for tomorrow! There will be more than 26 people at The Shout House in Minneapolis where we will be celebrating my 30th birthday. I thought I would blog now and not Sunday because I might forget how to type come Sunday morning. But I kinda hope not. I want to remember my birthday and have a great time.
Yeah.. We shall see.

Stay tuned...

(This blog is dedicated to Lydia)

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